Ohad Milshtein  


out of a moment
mother and child
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27x40 cm
Photography and plexiglass

Mother and Child
33x50 cm



out of a moment

mother and child
mother and child
Fragments Out of a moment
30x40 cm.
Photography and plexiglass

out of a moment

out of a moment

Ohad Milshtein

2002–2004 M.F.A studies at ‘Bezalel- the academy of arts and design, the department of photography and art.
1996-2000 B.F.A studies at the Cinema and Television Department, the Faculty of arts, Tel Aviv University.


“A beginning of a year/ a beginning of a day"- Video art (2003)
Video art (2003)-"”A ride with Shirly
Video art (2003)-"A Cup of Coffee "
-Video art (2003)"A Glass of Water"
“Stokata #1”- Video art (2003)
“Stokata #2”- Video art (2003)
“Stokata #3”- Video art (2003)
“A girl in white” – video art (2003)
“Day Diary”- video art (2003)
- video art (2003) "”screen saver #2
(2003) Video art - "nails "
(2003) Video art - "”The Blacksmith
(2003) Video art - "The Odalisque"
(2003) Video art - "Night scene A"
(2003) Video art - "A Green light-house blinking 7 on 5"
(2003) Video art - "”A Man in a bathing suit in morning exercise
(2003) Video art - "Discrete couple meeting in a hotel room “A
“Smalltalk” – Video art (2002)
“Water”- Documentary (2000)
“Slough”- Video art (1998)

Screenings and Festivals

Participated the experimental competition at the International Jerusalem film
Festival, July 2003.

Financed and broadcast by Israeli TV Channel 2.
Bought and broadcast by the Israeli Cinema Prim TV channel.

Small Talk
Participated the competition of The Tel Aviv international student film festival.

Cut Film Festival 1998 Tel Aviv cinematheque.

2000 – “Snonit” grant for young filmmakers (2500$).
2002 –“ Bezalel” scholarship for student Excellency (1200$).
2003 – “Bezalel” scholarship for student Excellency (1200$).
2004 – America- Israel foundation (1300$)

“In case on an earthquake”- Office Gallery - October 2004
“Animal mineral vegetation” – Bezalel – June 2004
“Audition” – Hazofe – January 2004
“Open studio” – Bezalel – June 2003