Rina Zelezniak


Hazbani 1
50x60 cm.
Acrylic on canvas

Spring, mt. Tabor
90x90 cm.
Acrylic on canvas


Spring Upper Galilee
90x90 cm.
Acrylic on canvas

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Hazbani 2
50x60 cm.
Acrylic on canvas


Rina Zelezniak

Rina Zelezniak was born in Natania, Israel, 1951.

1969-1973 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1985-1987 - ORT - interior design
1992-1994 - Art College "Hamidradsha" Ramat Hasharon
2002 - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago



The Jerusalem Center of Performing Arts - March 2000

The Artists Residence Gallery, Herzlia - October 2000
- "mamahomemama" - installation and video art

The Performing Arts Center, The Opera House, Tel Aviv - October 2002

Belgium House, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem - May 2003


The Artists House, Tel Aviv - 1998,1999
Lev Hapark Ra'anana Community Center - 2001, 2002
Ramat Aviv Mall - The Museal Windows - 2002
The Tel Aviv Dolphin Show - 2002
Ridding Art Show - Tel Aviv 2004


Wall tapestry made of recycled cloth, conducting a group of women -
Herzlia, Nahlat Ada Community Center
The Center of the Performing Arts, Chairman's Office - 2 paintings